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by Beauty Couture


We can do any shape, colour or add fullness to your brows.


 What makes our Tina Davies pigment line last longer than other PMU lines?


All of the colours are highly concentrated. The higher the concentration the more saturation in the skin, the more saturation, the longer it will last. The pigment ingredients are comprised of the absolute highest quality pigments with the highest light-fastness rating for maximum colour stability and performance.


Our pigments are of extremely high quality and the light-fastness of each pigment is matched evenly across each pigment ingredient to reduce colour shifting.


Will the pigments turn red, orange, blue or purple after a while, if not, why?


NO, because they are comprised of high-quality ingredients, have high light-fastness and concentration. They will only become a lighter version of the original colour.


Do the pigments turn grey after a while?

No.  The only colour that will heal grey is GREY. All the colours in the set have been formulated to avoid ashy, healed results.


Your brows are one of your most prominent features. Choose your brow artist to ensure they become one of your most beautiful too.

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