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Valuable time
At Beauty Couture we strive to ensure our clients are given the highest quality treatments.

In order to achieve this, we ask you to understand and respect that our time has been set aside specifically for you.

Cancellation Policy

To confirm your first appointment a $50 deposit is required.

Transfer of your deposit confirms your acceptance of our terms & conditions.

We understand things happen and you may need to cancel your appointment. Likewise, we need time to fill your spot. We request cancellations are given with a minimum of 2 business days notice. If we receive less we will endeavor to fill your spot. If successful, your deposit will roll over to your newly scheduled appointment. However, if we are unable to fill your spot your deposit shall be retained to partially cover lost allocated time.
Failure to notify us of cancellation via phone or text will result in a charge for the full cost of your treatment. This must be paid in full before we can offer you another appointment. Less than 2 business hours notice is considered a 'no show'.

Please understand that this is our business and late cancellations impact us greatly.

This is our client's ‘me’ time. It is very difficult for your therapist to dedicate the focus required for your treatment with children present. Additionally, there is no capacity to supervise children during your treatment. Therefore, children are strictly not permitted in the salon during treatments. Should you attend your appointment with children we reserve the right to cancel your appointment and a ‘no show’ cancellation fee will apply.

Kind regards,

Beauty Couture team x

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