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Lip Blush Tattoo is a type of semi-permanent tattoo. Blush Tattoo is performed by superficial application of a mineral pigment into the upper layer of the dermis using a hardware machine with a disposable needle. The Lip Blush technique consists of applying light strokes in the form of small micro-pixels, which look very natural. Sterile needles come in different diameters, they are selected individually for each client, which makes the result of Lip Blush Tattoo more natural.

     Beauty Couture beauticians use local anesthesia, so the procedure causes minimal discomfort.

     After the procedure, the lips will initially appear brighter than expected, but during the healing process over the next 5 days, they will discolour up to 30%. 


Beauty Couture utilizes the latest beauty technology to simultaneously minimize client discomfort whilst optimizing aesthetic outcomes.


Treatment is usually a two-step application:

     ~ Initial meeting includes consultation, formation and initial application

     ~ The second application four to six weeks later is for touch-up and provides full coverage and

     longevity of pigmentation


After application, the following side effects may occur to some extent:

     ~ Dryness, irritation and swelling

     *These effects can be mitigated and in most cases avoided by professional application and careful maintenance.

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