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White plasma is an ionized gas made up of charged and completely neutral particles that are generated when exposed to electric current. In white plasma, the percentage of charged particles is no more than 1%, and the gas temperature is only 30-40 degrees. The operating factors are neutral gas, active molecules, charged particles, heat and ultraviolet of very low intensity. The strength of the action of white plasma is enough to get an excellent anti-ageing effect, but not enough to harm the skin.

White plasma is a completely safe procedure, it has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and bactericidal effects. White plasma rejuvenation is a procedure that is performed using a plasma current device. The device includes a special antenna pen with a replaceable tip. The essence of the procedure is that when the skin is heated to 40 °C, collagen and elastin are naturally produced, which contribute to the regeneration of skin cells.

Rejuvenation with white plasma allows you to tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles without Botox injections in the face, and start the process of natural skin regeneration. In addition to the rejuvenation and lifting effect, among the benefits of white plasma also get rid of scars, acne scars, vascular lesions, pore size reduction, stretch marks and other defects on the skin. Plasma allows you to get rid of acne, seborrhea, skin fungus and even heals ulcers also softens redness from rosacea.

The procedure itself is painless in general, an anesthetic cream is applied to the most sensitive areas (for example face and the eye area). Other areas can be treated without it. In the process of treating the face with white plasma, there is no contact with the skin, which excludes infection. White plasma activates the natural processes of elastin and collagen production, which continues for several months after the procedure.

White plasma rejuvenation is a truly unique way to get rid of age-related skin changes - painless, fast, effective and safe.

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